Who We Are


In 1985, I was studying at our dining room table and my father, Tom Thornbury, was working on the owner’s manual of a new product he was about to bring to market. He explained to me how he started a small company that invented a “better mouse trap” or more precisely, a better hot tub. As he described a truly portable, energy efficient, self contained hot tub, I realized I had a wonderful career opportunity ahead of me and decided to get involved with his company, Softub Inc. upon graduating college.


For nearly 25 years, my family and I have owned and operated American Softub Co. and have sold thousands of Softub spas in the greater Southern California area. Our showroom is a unique destination, located in the northern Glendale area near the 210 and 2 freeway interchange. Our garden showroom features six Softub spas in different backyard settings ready for you to enjoy. Bring your bathing suit and try for yourself the most comfortable spa on the market. See why thosands of people just like you, and even celebrities, have made American Softub Co. their hot tub headquarters.


We occasionally have studio rental Softubs, refurbished Softubs and floor models at terrific savings. We also have very attractive programs for educators, firefighters, medical and law enforcement personnel.


Todd Thornbury – American Softub Co.

Hot Tubs For Sale In Los Angeles

If you are looking for hot tubs for sale, in or near Los Angeles, consider your journey complete! American Softub Co. offers the most energy efficient hot tubs available on the Los Angeles market. In addition, our hot tubs are known for their durability, which is complemented by a portable, lightweight, and innovative hot tub that satisfies your every hot tub need. Please treat yourself to a tour of our site and see for yourself why the hot tubs we sell truly are marvels of innovation at an affordable price.


Services We Offer

Softub Sales & Repair

At American Softub Co., we want to be your “one stop” Softub dealer for life. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new tub or repair an existing one, call American Softub at 818-957-8827.


If your older Softub is beginning to show its age, give it a complete “facelift” with an entirely new set of vinyl. Freshen the look of your Softub from the tub to the thermal cover and even the power pack. You can change the color of your Softub or just make it look brand new again for a fraction of the cost of a new Softub. Call American Softub Co. TODAY for pricing at 818-957-8827. Maybe you’ve had your Softub in storage and it’s time to bring it back to life. Want a tune up from an Authorized Softub Technician? Call American Softub TODAY at 818-957-8827.

Drain & Clean

Approximately every 4 to 6 months, based on usage, you will want to drain and refill your Softub Spa with fresh, clean water. This need can be based on a variety of reasons, including over-chemicalized water or water that just won’t stay clear. Occasionally, a pump leak can occur during this service and create the need for a service work. To avoid this potential complication, call American Softub Co. for a Drain and Clean. Our professional technician can drain, clean, move or re-position your tub. During the Drain and Clean service, our technicians will check the Softub plumbing to ensure that your connections have not been compromised and to insure that there is no plumbing leak that could cause additional service costs. Call American Softub Co. Today at 818-957-8827, for a quote on a Drain and Clean.

Model Features


Heat Without a Heater

Incredible but true, Softub’s stainless steel heat exchanger absorbs the heat from its motor to warm your spa to the desired temperature. No more expensive spa heater to purchase! In addition, the state-of-the-art molded foam shell and easy-to-attach insulated connection hoses retain the heat and reduce noise. In a climate with an average 65 degrees temperature, the typical Softub requires only 2kW hours of electricity per day to stay at 102 degrees and ready for use. That’s quite a savings!

Plug Into a Standard 3 Prong 120v Outlet

Your Softub® Spa can be plugged into any standard 3 prong 120v, 15 Amp outlet!

Smart Chip*

Softub could easily be called Smartub because its Smart Chip can recognize low power situations and shut off your tub before any damage can be done. When it senses a voltage drop it will shut down completely, and when voltage returns to a normal level Smart Chip turns everything back on to the old settings. After a power outage, Smart Chip automatically resets at 100 degrees. Thanks to Smart Chip, you can run all electric appliances like you normally do without fear of damaging your Softub.


* Patent pending design and programming.


All Softub models can come with an optional Ozone unit built directly into the Pak. Ozone is a gas that is used as an aid to the sanitizer in the water. The ozone system is self generating, meaning you will never have to swap out a cartridge or service the unit.  It helps oxidize any contaminants in the water and lets you use less chlorine!


* Patent pending design and programming.


The cord-mounted ground fault circuit interrupter provides electrical safety. If a fault is detected, the electricity is immediately interrupted protecting the users.  This GFCI is a ULⓇ  requirement.

Locking Covers

All of Softub thermal covers are equipped with locking straps and are designed and constructed in accordance with ASTM standards.  These locking straps are a ULⓇ requirement.


All Softub models come equipped with a multi-colored light mounted directly into the wall of the Softub. This LED light system has 14 different modes and will last for many years without needing to be replaced.

Call us TODAY for Special In-Stock Pricing on new Softub Spas that come with a full 5 year factory warranty.


rubber ducky

Visit us at www.SoftubOnline.com for a wide variety of products and accessories for your Softub Spa. We feature the Softcare line of water treatment & cleaning products as well as other fine products designed and developed specifically for the Softub spa.


These accessories include: softcare cleaning products, water purification and filtration products, softub covers, cover stands, locks, booster seats, headrests, trays, gift sets and much more!


Good news! You have just found your portable hot water rental source.


Perfect for on-camera use or to keep talent warm during water shots.

At American Softub Co. we have been involved with the entertainment industry for over 25 years. Our years of experience have taught us what you expect when renting specialty equipment. We feature a truly self-contained portable hot tub; the Softub spa. We are ready to deliver a hot, comfortable tub of water, any where, any time.


The Softub spa comes in 3 sizes, 5 colors and with the option of wood decking to achive the look of a wooden hot tub. Softub spas run on a standard 3 prong 120 volt electrical supply. This allows easy utilization in the studio or on remote location. We offer an optional “hot fill” where we can instantly fill the Softub spa with 102 degree water for immediate use.


American Softub Co. has set the industry standard for hot water rental. Call us today and let us help with your hot water needs!