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We all love Los Angeles, most of us just don’t love the amount of money it takes for a family to enjoy dinner and a movie over a single weekend.  Los Angeles is the 4th highest-cost-of-living location in the world.  Is there a way to reduce a good portion of expensive weekend spending without sacrificing fun?  Yes there is – American Softub’s hot tubs offer diverse price points that cater to every budget – and the potential for fun is unlimited!

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When it costs about $150 for a Los Angeles family of four to attend a movie and enjoy a nice post-movie dinner, the idea to buy a hot tub and remain home a bit more often becomes more and more appealing and makes a lot of sense.  Our hot tub inventory includes various designs, sizes, and affordability options that make hot-tub ownership so easy.  In fact, our Los Angeles customers enjoy knowing they can leave a hot tub to run, continually, for as little as $20 a month.  The Smartchip within each hot tub ensures an ‘auto-pilot’ function which allows the water temperature to remain constant.


Our Hot Tubs are Cushioned and Ergonomic

We’re all familiar with the traditional hard, acrylic hot tubs requiring a cement pad as their foundation and a hot tub mechanic to set those units up – not so with our portable, affordable hot-water spas that can, easily, roll through a standard door opening and be positioned by virtually anyone.  Just about anywhere – from the backyard of your Los Angeles home to your patio, garage, porch, bedroom, or basement – our portable hot tubs go anywhere.  If you decide on a different location later on, repositioning your hot tub is as easy as rolling it to another locale.


The ergonomic designs of every hot tub we offer, coupled with powerful hydro-jets that churn up the water and massage one from head to toe, translates into muscle relaxation, mental serenity, better sleep, and incredible health benefits backed by scientific research and anecdotal testimonies.  Let your anxieties and concerns melt away as you immerse yourself in heated hydro-comfort any time of day or night.

When you buy a hot tub, you enjoy a closer connection with your family, and you can save money via a remain-at-home weekend, even if just once a month.  Our Los Angeles customers feel good about their hot tub purchases since their hot tubs, eventually, pay for themselves.  A hot tub can, also, be a wonderful gift idea for that special someone or that special occasion – a birthday, a milestone anniversary, a Christmas gift, or Valentine surprise.  Whatever the reason and whatever the season, a hot tub becomes the gift that keeps on giving!


Some of our Los Angeles customers buy hot tubs while some of our customers rent them to view televised sports events outside, bachelorette parties, Sweet Sixteen celebrations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and more!


Imagine the “Awww…” You’ll Feel When You Step Inside

Whether you wish to buy a hot tub or whether you are simply contemplating the idea, we will guide you through the user-friendly features of our:


  • Softub Sportster: Model 140 – The ideal, smaller-sized spa for decks, patios, balconies, or even a basement – intimate and cozy for a party of two.


  • Softub Legend: Model 220 – The perfect fit for four people with five pulsating jets to soothe your body and mind, and take your cares away.


  • Softub Resort: Model 300 – Let the party begin with 6 adult spaces which include a therapy seat.  Seven muscle-soothing jets offer the ultimate in head-to-toe relaxation.


  • Softub Portico: Model 300 – More than 30 years of design and engineering go into this gem which includes the Poseidon Jet – the most powerful spa jet in its class.  You and six other guests won’t want to leave the luxurious massage of the 7 jet streams that will engulf you.


American Softub offers fun accessories and supplies – everything from water-treatment & cleaning products, hot tub covers, and headrests to wood decking, gift sets, clamp-on food trays, and more!

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Those in Los Angeles can schedule an appointment to ‘test drive’ our varied hot tub models in our fun showroom.  Bring your swimsuit and come see and feel what you’ve been missing!


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