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If you searched for ‘buy Jacuzzi near me Los Angeles’, you have come to the right place!  We are American Softub Co, and our specialty is selling and maintaining Jacuzzi-style hot-water spas throughout Los Angeles and a host of other cities in California and beyond.  Since 1996, our vision has been to offer a delightful form of entertainment and relaxation that caters to every budget!


Our Jacuzzi-style spas are not your typical, heavy, cumbersome, acrylic hot-tub variety.  Our hot-water spas are portable, incredibly easy to position, and our various models can be placed virtually anywhere – your backyard, bedroom, basement, porch, or patio.

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It doesn’t matter what the weather is like in Los Angeles when it comes to the decision to buy a Jacuzzi-style hot tub – you’ll relish it, virtually, every day of the year!  Soaking in a Jacuzzi-style hot-water spa becomes an immersive experience that serves as a soothing equalizer to counteract the most mentally-stressed days.


From lowering blood pressure and soothing aching muscles to improving impaired insulin sensitivity to enhanced sleep, research studies and anecdotal testimonies praise the benefits of bubbling, massaging hot water that stimulates one from head to toe while relaxing the entire body, at the same time!


Redirect Discretionary Spending Towards a Hot Tub

The decision to buy a jacuzzi-style hot tub is more of an investment than anything else.  Staying home more often to enjoy quality time with family and friends means less out-of-pocket expenses towards high-priced dinners or theater tickets.  The average Los Angeles couple pays $90/two meals at any given mid-range restaurant.  With an added gratuity, once a week, one can easily shell out more than $400 a month for dining out – for only two people!


After it’s all said and done, the affordability factor to buy a Jacuzzi-style hot tub comes into focus.  But the benefits don’t stop there – our hot-water spas require no concrete slab and, due to their design, can be set up in very little time with very little effort – virtually anyone can position one of these gems, solo!  At American Softub, we make life simpler and spontaneously fun!

Buy a Jacuzzi-style Hot Tub Today and Enjoy It Today

Our Jacuzzi-styled hot tubs come in varying capacities and price points.  Create your own personal oasis to be set up and utilized the same day of purchase!  Whether for you, your family, or your friends, enjoying the ‘nightlife’ in Los Angeles just got easier and far less costly – pulsating water under the stars, whenever the mood hits, day or night – no expensive menus, no tips, and no admission fees!


Looking for a special gift?  One of our hot tubs would be the perfect surprise for a birthday, anniversary, or a ‘just-because’ occasion.  Also, our Los Angeles customers rent our Jacuzzi-style hot tubs for bachelorette parties, family reunions, and more!


The features of our hot tubs are very user friendly.  Our models include:

  • Softub Sportster: Model 140 – The ideal, smaller-sized spa for decks, patios, balconies, or even a basement – intimate and cozy for a party of two.


  • Softub Legend: Model 220 – The perfect fit for four people with five pulsating jets to soothe your body and mind, and take your cares away.


  • Softub Resort: Model 300 – Let the party begin with 6 adult spaces which include a therapy seat.  Seven muscle-soothing jets offer the ultimate in head-to-toe relaxation.


  • Softub Portico: Model 300 – More than 30 years of design and engineering go into this gem which includes the Poseidon Jet – the most powerful spa jet in its class.  You and six other guests won’t want to leave the luxurious massage of the 7 jet streams that will engulf you.


American Softub offers fun accessories and supplies – everything from water-treatment & cleaning products, hot tub covers, and headrests to wood decking, gift sets, clamp-on food trays, and more.


Let go of the world and let in some water fun, 12 months out of the year!

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