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Does your backyard offer a ho-hum kind of vibe, offering very little in terms of relaxation or entertainment value?  If so, get ready for an extremely cost-effective remedy that will have your San Bernardino neighbors green with envy – welcome to American Softub Co.!


Since 1996, we have offered Softub hot tubs to families from Los Angeles to San Bernardino to San Diego and throughout Southern California.  Our customers have turned their backyards into personal oases without the use of concrete slabs or costly professionals to install their units – something hard, acrylic hot tubs require.


Warm, pulsating, jet-generated bubbles turn distress and discomfort into relief and soothing serenity.  The physical and the mental relaxation of hot-tub use can turn restless nights into falling asleep faster and remaining asleep longer.  And it would be remiss not to mention how conditions – ranging from pulled muscles to arthritis to fibromyalgia – can noticeably improve based on medical research as well as anecdotal testimonials.


If you searched online for ‘buy Softub near me San Bernardino’ you’re in for a few surprises for several reasons:

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  • Affordability – Our Softub hot tubs’ heat recovery systems allow our spas to operate very inexpensively, using only a standard isolated 15 amp/115 volt outlet.


  • Convenience – Our Softub hot tubs can be placed anywhere – inside or outside, even your bedroom – where flooring is level and sturdy. Portability is a big plus!


  • Efficiency – Set up is incredibly easy – a 1-2-3 step process requiring only a single person without the use of any tools! Just roll, connect, and fill!


  • Ergonomic – The comfort of the padded construction is unlike that of hard, acrylic models. Our San Bernardino customers consider our Softub hot tubs to be the most comfortable lounging hot-water spas on the market.

Buy a Softub as a Fabulous Gift

After it’s all said and done, you and your family can look forward to the ultimate in relaxation while enjoying renewed connections and lively conversations – put away the screened gadgets and come together as a family again, all in the comfort of a soothing hot-water spa!  A Softub hot tub is the perfect gift for the whole family or for that special someone as an anniversary surprise, a sensational house-warming gift, an incredible graduation or wedding present, or for no occasion at all!


At American Softub Co., we offer portable Softub spas of various capacities and capabilities, and renting a Softub may be an option you are interested in for birthdays, out-of-town guests, bachelorette parties – you name it, your San Bernardino gathering just got more exciting!


American Softub’s hot tubs cater to every preference and every budget.  Come see our:

  • Softub Sportster: Model 140 – The ideal, smaller-sized spa for decks, patios, balconies, or even a basement – intimate and cozy for a party of two.
  • Softub Legend: Model 220 – The perfect fit for four adults with five pulsating jets to soothe your body and mind and take your cares away.
  • Softub Resort: Model 300 – Let the party begin with 6 adult spaces which include a therapy seat.  Seven muscle-soothing jets offer the ultimate in head-to-toe relaxation.
  • Softub Portico: Model 300 – More than 30 years of design and engineering go into this gem which includes the Poseidon Jet – the most powerful spa jet in its class.  You and six others won’t want to leave the luxurious massage of the 7 jet streams that will engulf you.


We offer fun accessories as well as hot tub products that will maintain your water’s clarity and purity – everything from water-treatment & cleaning supplies, hot tub covers and headrests to wrap-around decking, gift sets, clamp-on food trays, and more. It’s all about water fun you can relish every day and every evening of the year!

Connect with American Softub – Where Water Fun is King

Make life simple – just add water!  Hot-tub lovers in San Bernardino who wish to rent or buy a Softub hot tub can:


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