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So what’s the big deal about enjoying a hot tub?  Aside from the luxury of experiencing the pulsation of jets that offer a whole-body massage, one can experience a paradigm shift where the worries of the world can melt into oblivion.  A hot tub offers a personal happy place where nothing else matters.  Anyone who has spent time in a hot tub knows this to be true.


Whether you are looking forward to deep-tissue massages, a mental escape, or just wish to relax with a few close friends, a hot tub rental from American Softub Co. is ready when you are!  That’s right, we offer hot tub rental options for those in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, San Diego, and a host of other communities throughout Southern California.

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There are a number of reasons why a hot tub rental is the perfect ingredient for a special occasion – whether a bachelor/bachelorette party, a televised sports event, a surprise birthday party, or an anniversary celebration – the whole idea is to offer those special people in your life a type of fun and relaxation that only a hot tub can provide.


Our hot tub rental options include various spa models with differing capacities and amenities to suit every preference and cater to every budget.  Your hot tub needs are met, right here, at American Softub!


We Make Your Hot Tub Rental Sooo Easy!

Our team can set up your hot tub rental at any location you desire – your backyard, basement, garage, or patio – all you need is a sturdy flat surface that will accommodate the weight of the water.  The set-up procedure for a portable hot tub rental is accomplished very quickly.  Imagine the sound of the pulsating water beckoning your guests to ‘come on in’!


Once you’re ready for your hot-tub rental to become the life of your party, keep in mind the following:


  • Press the button marked, “Jets” to activate a 15-minute jet cycle. Once it turns off automatically, just press the same button, again, for an additional 15-minute cycle.


  • The hot tub may go into what is called “heat mode” during a jet cycle, causing the “Jets” button to turn off, on its own – this is normal and part of the heat-adjustment process.


  • Opening up the ‘air venturi’, by the press of a button on the control panel, will allow extra air to be blown into the water to speed up the jets’ water flow. The more air, the more powerful the jets’ stream – a true hydro-massage!

When your hot tub session is over 1) Add a generous tablespoon of chlorine, depending on how many people used the tub 2) Leave the jets and bubbles on but leave the lid off for 3-5 minutes. This will off-gas the chlorine’s fumes and ensure the hot tub’s water will be crystal clear for the next session 3) Once the 3-5 minutes is over, close the ‘air venturi’ and keep the thermal top back on during the non-use time. The hot tub will continue to run for the next 20 minutes to 2 hours, bringing the appropriate temperature to where it needs to be.


Come See the Hot Tub Models We We Offer

Our San Bernardino neighbors count on the American Softub team to be their one-stop resource where questions regarding every aspect of their hot tub rental are addressed.  When a hot tub rental becomes relished and enjoyed, it makes you and your guests feel good and it makes us look good!


Whether for renting or owning, you will love our:


  • Softub Sportster: Model 140 – The ideal, smaller-sized spa for decks, patios, balconies, or even a basement – intimate and cozy for a party of two.


  • Softub Legend: Model 220 – The perfect fit for four people with five pulsating jets to soothe your body and mind, and take your cares away.


  • Softub Resort: Model 300 – Let the party begin with 6 adult spaces which include a therapy seat.  Seven muscle-soothing jets offer the ultimate in head-to-toe relaxation.


  • Softub Portico: Model 300 – More than 30 years of design and engineering go into this gem which includes the Poseidon Jet – the most powerful spa jet in its class.  You and six other guests won’t want to leave the luxurious massage of the 7 jets that will engulf you.


American Softub offers fun accessories and supplies for our San Bernardino patrons – everything from water-treatment & cleaning products, hot tub covers, and headrests to wood decking, gift sets, clamp-on food trays, and more.


Keep the fun flowing, the conversation going, and the experiences forever remembered with our hot tub spas!

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