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What is it about entering a Jacuzzi hot tub that has the ability to allow one to forget the worries of the world?  Could it have anything to do with becoming engulfed in the bliss of the moment?  Could it be the jets that stir up the heated water to offer an all-body massage?  Or, could it be the surrendering kind of soothing that makes it hard to want to leave the confines of this little slice of paradise?


The truth is, a hot tub from American Softub offers all that and more.  For families in Los Angeles who want a Jacuzzi experience at an affordable price, our soft-tub hot tubs take the word ‘Jacuzzi’ to a whole new level!  Our Los Angeles patrons have come to know how our Jacuzzi-type hot tubs offer welcome comfort to aching muscles and joints, and how the stresses of one’s world become overtaken by cushioned comfort – soft, rounded, durable support offering soothing relief that hard, acrylic hot tubs do not.

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Our go-anywhere Jacuzzi-type hot tubs require only a level surface, and they can be positioned indoors or out!  No concrete pad is required and affordability is a big plus as well.  Our soft-tub hot tubs are extremely energy efficient and can be used everyday for less than $10 a month.  From Los Angeles to Riverside to San Diego and beyond, that coveted Jacuzzi experience is, now, affordable thanks to our various models of hot tubs that cater to every budget!


Another perk of our soft tub Jacuzzi-style hot tubs is the amazing ease of set-up.  Our hot tubs are the most portable units on the world market.  They are never limited to one location and can be easily repositioned from an outside location onto one’s porch, into one’s bedroom, down one’s basement, or into one’s garage, efficiently, with very little effort.


If you are planning a special gift for a special someone, now is the time to check out our hot tub selection while supplies last.  You can rent one of our popular models as well.  Our Los Angeles clients rent our hot tubs for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, sports events, and more.


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Once you select your hot tub model, we will guide you through the hot tub features that are very user friendly.  We offer our:


  • Softub Sportster: Model 140 – The ideal, smaller-sized spa for decks, patios, balconies, or even a basement – intimate and cozy for a party of two.


  • Softub Legend: Model 220 – The perfect fit for four people with five pulsating jets to soothe your body and mind, and take your cares away.


  • Softub Resort: Model 300 – Let the party begin with 6 adult spaces which include a therapy seat.  Seven muscle-soothing jets offer the ultimate in head-to-toe relaxation.


  • Softub Portico: Model 300 – More than 30 years of design and engineering go into this gem which includes the Poseidon Jet – the most powerful spa jet in its class.  You and six other guests won’t want to leave the luxurious massage of the 7 jet streams that will engulf you.

American Softub offers fun accessories and needed supplies – everything from water-treatment & cleaning products, hot tub covers, and headrests to wood decking, gift sets, clamp-on food trays, and more.


Turn your home or backyard into a personal oasis.  At American Softub, we make it easy, we make it affordable, and we make it fun!

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