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Some people say maintaining crystal-clear, healthy water in a pool or hot tub can be a challenge.  At American Softub, we say, “Not if one incorporates the right chemicals, when needed”.  Riverside hot-tub owners can select from a vast array of Softub chemicals and cleaners that ensure premium water quality and water clarity are maintained at all times.


Regular water testing is an incredibly simple procedure that indicates when to add the right chemicals to keep bacteria at bay.  There are a few key points one should become familiar with concerning hot tub chemicals, but at American Softub, our experts are always available to offer their expertise whenever our Riverside customers might have questions or concerns.


Without a water sanitizer, bacteria will proliferate.  Without a pH increase, hot tub water will become too acidic.  Without a pH decrease, alkaline levels become too high, and the list goes on.  In other words, the need for Softub chemicals to keep your tub, your water, and your guests healthy and happy should, always, be a priority.


Riverside turns to our experts for professional advice when it comes to the ‘what’, ‘when’,’where’ and ‘why’ regarding chemical usage.  American Softub is, always, available to provide guidance and insight to ensure the hot tub in your backyard or on your deck or patio remains an inviting oasis for family and friends.


Softub Chemicals – Everything Riverside Hot Tubs Need


Whatever your hot tub needs might be, the answers and solutions are found right here!  Our Riverside patrons can select from our complete line of Softub chemicals and cleaners.  Your hot tub’s water will sparkle, your guests will be impressed, and you will have peace of mind – let’s make your Softub spa your happy place!


We have all the chemicals you need, right here:

Softcare Chlorinating Granules – 2 lb and 5 lb – Concentrated chlorinating sanitizerSoftcare Calcium Up – 16 oz. – Raises the level of water hardness/helps prevent foaming & corrosion of equipment


Leisure Time pH Balance Plus – 3 lbs – Granules that adjust and maintain ideal pH level


Softcare pH Up – 1 lb – Raises the pH of water


Softcare pH Down – 1.25 lb – Lowers the pH of water


Softcare Metal Gon – 16 oz. – Metal and stain eliminator


Softcare Defoam – 16 oz. – Eliminates foam build up – watch it disappear


Softcare Water Clear – 16 oz. – Clarifies and brightens water


Softcare Filter Renu – 32 oz. – Monthly application for ultra-clear water and prolonged filter life


Spa Frog Mineral Sanitizer – Enhances the effectiveness of Softcare’s sanitizing system


Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect – 1L – Gently breaks down contaminants including oils, cosmetics, and more which produce scum at the water line


Insta-Test 3 test strips – 50 swirl & read strips for basic water testing


Insta-Test 4 test strips – 50 swirl & read strips to test for perfect water balance


Scum Bug – Prevents the formation of scum lines – completely reusable


Beach Ball Scum Sponge – Floats in spa or skimmer to keep water-line pristine


Wonder Flower Scum Sponge – Floats in spa or skimmer to keep water-line sparkling clean


AquaChek Digital Test-Strip Reader – Displays digital results, in seconds, for chlorine/bromine, pH and total alkalinity – TruTest Strips are available, designed for Digital Reader only


Swirl Away Plumber Cleaner – 16 oz. – In the plumbing lines, removes dirt, oil, and gunk build-up which impede jet action


Additional Softub chemicals and kits include our Softub Special w/filter 5015,  Softub Special w/filter 5020, the Softcare Chlorine Kit, Softcare Deluxe Spa Frog Kit and our Water Sanitation Special.


If you love your hot tub, you’ll love our Softub chemicals that will 1) prolong the life of your hot tub’s components 2) maximally enhance the quality of your tub’s water and 3) ensure every family member and guest enjoys crystal-clear, safe water every time they step inside your Softub spa!

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