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Welcome to American Softub Co.!  Hot tubs – structurally and mechanically – are not overly complicated, but when it’s time to repair one, leaving the inspecting, troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repair up to skilled professionals is critical, mainly due to safety considerations.


At American Softub, we sell Softub spas and we offer Softub repair for customers from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Bernardino and beyond.  With Softub repair, comes the importance of proactive maintenance, as well.  As part of our repair services, hot tub maintenance is worth its weight in gold.


Our San Bernardino customers rely on our Softub repair technicians to identify the early warning signs of potential hot tub malfunctions that could lead to serious issues if not remedied in a timely manner.  It is recommended that your Softub spa be professionally assessed once every year.


When it comes to Softub repair, restoration, and maintenance, our company has served the needs of Southern California hot tub owners since 1996.  Regardless of which Softub model our San Bernardino customers purchase – whether the Softub Sportster Model 140, the Softub Legend Model 220, the Softub Resort Model 300, or the Softub Portico Model 300 – our Softub repair professionals are ready to address any questions or concerns, whether a customer has owned a Softub spa for years or has purchased one for the first time.

American Softub remains San Bernardino’s one-stop shop when it comes to:


Softub Repair via Refurbishing


With time, comes the need for a refurbishing ‘facelift’ due to under-maintenance, prolonged storage, or damage from moving.  Our refurbishing experts can easily add new vinyl, and if you are in the mood for a color change, we can do that!  We can make your tub, thermal cover, and power-pack look new again!


Softub Repair via Draining & Cleaning


Your hot tub should be drained and refilled every 4-6 months.  Water can become over-chemicalized in addition to water quality becoming compromised due to misuse or clogged filters or dirty plumbing.


Whatever the issue might be, your Softub spa will operate at peak performance after a draining, cleaning, and a refill.  During that time, our technicians will check the plumbing to assess any possible leaks and/or loose connections.

Softub Repair via Tune-Ups


Your car operates optimally when it receives a regularly-scheduled tune-up, and your Softub spa will respond in the same way.  Our team will assess and address any tune-up-related issues that might deal with incorrect water-temperature, leaks, smelly or discolored water, water circulation issues, a possible blockage, error codes on the control panel, faulty jets, etc.


Our tune-ups are extremely thorough, giving our San Bernardino patrons peace of mind and excitement knowing their Softub spas will be ready to enjoy all year long, all over again.


Important side note to our valued San Bernardino customers:  Some Softub repairs and maintenance are easy to do on one’s own – such as changing filters.  More complicated hot tub repair issues – such as a leaky jet, troubleshooting a spa pack, or replacing a pump – should, always, be handled by a skilled Softub repair professional.  Never attempt repairs with equipment you are unfamiliar with.  Safety always comes first!

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